The Wedge Game

On Saturday, November 12, I traveled to Troy, N.Y., to participate in a Sustainability Workshop at RPI for the Stabilization Wedges Game. It was led by Dr. Roberta Holinski, Information Officer at the Carbon Mitigation Initiative (CMI) at Princeton University led the workshop with the objective to broaden and deepen the understanding of existing climate […]

Honoring Nurses: Florence Nightengale

This week our country is honoring nurses.  Today is National Nurses Day. This year is obviously even more special due to the coronavirus pandemic. As my mother was a nurse and one of my daughters is a physical therapist,  it seems abundantly appropriate to write this blog about  Florence  Nightingale.  It is also a connection […]

Unitarian-Universalist Women Ministers

Matilda Joslyn Gage researched ancient goddess religions.  She knew that in the distant past goddesses were divine and the head of their religion.  Vestal virgins were the important acolytes.  I was scheduled to be one of four panelists at a Women Transcending Boundaries Event.  Our program consisted of sharing information about the role of women in […]

Women’s Suffrage Time Line–1840-1920

Today is the 100th Anniversary of when women in the United States won the right to vote.  They fought hard and for many years to gain this basic right.  Though I would like to be writing more about this very special date, I am borrowing this timeline to share it with you instead.  Let it […]