Blanket Fort

Tangerine-orange fake leather couch The long edge of the blanket Anchored under the 20 volumes of The Encyclopedia Brittanica Lined up in order, The gold-rimmed edge of dark blue books. A Singer sewing machine anchored an Eastern extension

Thank-you for Diversity

I am thankful for diversity; How lucky I am to know People of all nations Became friends instead of foe. I hail from an all-white town No blacks, nor Jews, nor Italians Forget about Polish and Kenyan No Chinese, nor Norwegians Though arrowheads appeared in plowed fields, The Treaty of Chicago Forced the Illini Confederacy […]

The Best Parts of My Week

I feel stressed tonight. I read the Post-Standard. So many stories of crimes and sexual perversion So many deaths– in floods, from diseases, as the result of murders Can’t take it anymore: The vacation debacle The degenerate Trump The snarky nastiness of a relative… I feel stressed tonight. I read the Post-Standard. So many stories […]


Blustery winds blow A harbor, a beach, gray sky Cape Cod in the Fall Notre Dame burned down; Metaphor for Catholics’ doom? Still so very sad. Congo refugees Lufungula family Fled to Syracuse

Future Trip Wish List

Many places still to see Waterways both big and small I want to travel to the Ural Sea Heck, I want to see them all! I haven’t yet seen The Rock of Gibraltar. There’s more I yearn to see of the Caribbean Add to that the Saskatchewan River


Always look on the bright side of life: A motto I usually follow But lately my mood Matches the gloomy skies And I feel hollow The political divide frightens me The erosion of democracy Civility decreasing daily The march of angry men And the rise of oligarchy


I’ve been on many journeys… Trips to Lake Michigan when a child Hunting seashells on the beach Curbing enthusiasm so mother wouldn’t get riled. A trip to Florida to visit an aunt, At 12, seeing the ocean for the first time Sarasota and sponge divers Trees in the backyard of lemon and lime.

Shadow Side

We all carry shadow material. There is the light and the darkness. On top of the mountain the sun glistens; At the bottom the valley is in dark shadow. The part of the iceberg we do not see Is what gets us in trouble. It propels us to act Though the rational thinks it’s in […]

Silver Linings

Last week solar panels were installed upon my roof. But a workman’s foot went through my ceiling. The repair of the ceiling is covered by NRG insurance I am getting my entire ceiling redone! On Sunday morning I burned the bacon And then I burned the English muffins. When I went to my freezer for […]

Never Too Old

Despite the contusions, An enormous bruise And a bit of embarrassment, I have now paid my dues Downhill skiing at my age Toggenburg and Song Finally fully geared up And feeling strong