I’ve been on many journeys… Trips to Lake Michigan when a child Hunting seashells on the beach Curbing enthusiasm so mother wouldn’t get riled. A trip to Florida to visit an aunt, At 12, seeing the ocean for the first time Sarasota and sponge divers Trees in the backyard of lemon and lime.

Shadow Side

We all carry shadow material. There is the light and the darkness. On top of the mountain the sun glistens; At the bottom the valley is in dark shadow. The part of the iceberg we do not see Is what gets us in trouble. It propels us to act Though the rational thinks it’s in […]

Silver Linings

Last week solar panels were installed upon my roof. But a workman’s foot went through my ceiling. The repair of the ceiling is covered by NRG insurance I am getting my entire ceiling redone! On Sunday morning I burned the bacon And then I burned the English muffins. When I went to my freezer for […]

Never Too Old

Despite the contusions, An enormous bruise And a bit of embarrassment, I have now paid my dues Downhill skiing at my age Toggenburg and Song Finally fully geared up And feeling strong

Sam May On Fire for Justice

Samuel May, that progressive firebrand Jumped into a cart, beat down a door Personally transported enslaved people Led the revolt for Mr. Henry’s rescue Raised cash for Onondaga Nation reservation school For racially integrated schools Both girls and boys thank him School-wide reform his goal Defended Quaker Prudence Crandall

Where I’m From

I’m from the Midwest The flatland called Looking Glass Prairie Timber Lane Farm, a quarter mile lane Hickory trees and Osage Orange I’m a farmer’s daughter from Swiss-German stock Whose great-grandfather Johann crossed the seas From the Swiss village of Kuttigen, Canton Argau Those village’s valleys resounding with cow bells